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ATO-CW0330SY Checkweigher

CW0330SY Check Weigher 0
CW0330SY Check Weigher 1

Checkweigher   checks the weight of the final packaged product, to prevent overweight and underweight products from shipping to the customers, and to ensure product quality. checkweigher  has high-speed, high-precision, and on line detection features. There are multiple options for rejecting unqualified products.

  • HMB Loading Cell
  • Wide Detect range
  • High-speed
  • High-sensitivity
  • High-stability
  • Stainless Steel 304 Frame
  • Customized conveyor height and moving direction
  • Reject Arm/Air Blast/ Pneumatic Pusher
Detecting Range20~5000g
Scale Interval0.2g
Detecting Speed(Max speed)100pcs/min
Segments of SortingUp to 3
The weighed product sizeWidth290mm
Weigher Platform SizeWidth300mm
Rejecting devicePusher or Air
Power Supply110V 50/60 Hz

Also available different model to match customer”s  products.

Check Weigher Screen 1 Check Weigher Screen 2



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