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ATO-WL4H30 Four Heads Linear Weigher

ATO WL 4H30 Four Heads Weigher 2

      Coarse and fine material feeding design, work alone or integrated with cup, bucket, bottle, tray packing machine, VFFS, mini doypack machine, etc. 1-2-3 level vibration feeder can be customized. Widely apply for rice, seeds, fodder, beans, sugar, popcorn, chips, nuts, pet food, tea and metal or plastic parts, etc.






  • Full 304SUS building material
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Tool-free install, dismantle and clean
  • Easy operation and low maintenance
  • Coarse and fine feeding material control
  • Different administrator levels management
  • PLC + Touch screen control system
  • Free parameter adjusting during running
  • Up to 10 product recipes preset


  • In-feed bulk material conveyor
  • Front protection glass enclosure
  • Support gantry/stand
  • Various size dump chute outlet
  • Enlarge size in-feed bunker
  • Linear feeder fine flap driven by motor
  • 316SUS food contacting parts
Head No.4
Weigh Range10-2000g
Accuracy ±0.1-2g
Running Speed5-30 ppm
Hopper Volume3000ml
Mix Products4
Control SystemPLC+Touch Screen
Building MaterialFull 304SUS material
Power Supply220V, 110V, 50HZ, 60HZ, 1P, 5KW

Also available mini (0.5L) linear weigher

ATO WL 4H30 Four Heads Weigher 4

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