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ATO-WA Auger Screw Filler

ATO WA 50L uger Screw Filler

ATO-WA  series Auger Filler with servo motor driven, designed for dosing powder products, suit for a wide range of loose powdery products, such as flour, powdered milk, cocoa, icing sugar, baby food, ground spices, finely ground coffee, chemical products, etc.

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  • SS 304 Frame, with hydraulic elevator, meets GMP request, also for some corrosive powder
  • Compact system, stable and durable
  • Easy operation and clean
  • Low noise, maintenance free Servo motor driven
  • High precision, fast, strong torque, long life, speed adjustable
  • Air proof hopper, dust proof with easy cleaning
  • Discharge gate with dust collector
  • Free tool open the material loading hopper/chamber

Filling Range1-500 Gram Change Auger
Hopper Volume30 Liter
Working Speed20 – 80 Discharge Per Min

Less than 100 gram: ≤+/-0.5-1gram

More than 100 gram: ≤+/-0.5-1%

Power Supply3 Phrase 380v or Single Phrase 220v

Also available other model.

Hopper Volume15L50L100L
Filling Range0.5-200g50-5000g5000-25kg
Filling Accuracy±1%±1%-0.5%±0.5%
Filling Speed10-10010-405-15
Power Supply

380V, 3P

220V 1P

380V, 3P

220V 1P

380V, 3P

220V 1P

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