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ATO-W5-14-A10 IP67 Waterproof Weigher

New generation waterproff weigher

Bigger volum springless buckets

Individual linear feeder Controled

Stagger dump to avoid blocking products

Ethernet access up 16 weigher by one PC


Weighing Hoppers : 14

Weighing Capacity : 10- 3000g

Weight Accuracy*: 0.5-2g

Speed**: up to 140 WPM

Preset Program: 100

Display Screen: 10.4' Touch Screen

Bucket: : 4.0L , Dimple SS 304

Power Supply: AC 220V 50/60 HZ 2 KW

* Depending on products property and filling speed
** Depending on products property and filling capacity

Option:  Smooth bucket, rotating top core,

     ANSI 316L surface Collection hopper

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